Insurance Repair Work

Insurance Repair Work

Insurance Repair work – Fault and Non-fault

Chichester Cars Ltd works closely with all insurance providers and endeavours to develop a seamless relationship between all parties. We are fast becoming the go-to repairer for insurance repair work in West Sussex, because we are renowned for our outstanding quality of work, and speed of repair.

Did you know it is your right to choose where to have your car repaired, not that of your insurance companies? Whether fault or non-fault, it’s your RIGHT to choose.

Often insurance repair companies ask for multiple quotes, at your inconvenience at a difficult time. This is their attempt to achieve the lowest possible quote, which is not necessary. It is your choice and your right where you take your vehicle to be repaired. Should you have any further questions about insurance repair, or fault or non-fault accidents, please feel free to contact us.

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Fault claims are generally an accident or loss claim, whereby you as the owner/driver are considered to be the one to blame, or where neither you nor your insurance company can recover costs from somebody else. It's also worth remembering that, whilst it may seem unfair, should your car be hit whilst parked, by someone who cannot be traced or found, this unfortunately counts as a fault claim, and is therefore considered down to you.

Please see our other information on 'Non-fault Claims.'


Non-fault Claim is where damage has been caused to your vehicle, and the party responsible is known and is liable to cover the costs - (It's their fault!)

Chichester Cars Ltd have developed a relationship with a local claims management company Motor Claims Network Ltd and are able to offer a complete service; starting from taking all the initial details to establish liability (who's fault it is), through to offering like for like vehicles throughout the range (Domestic, Commercial, Prestige and Dual control vehicles). Their aim is to take all the stresses and strains away from you, during a very difficult time.

Clients benefits

  • No excess to pay*
  • No loss of no claims bonus*
  • Like for like replacement Vehicle*
  • Stress Free service*

*Terms and conditions apply

Please see our other information on 'Fault Claims.'

Vizion Network

Chichester Cars is proud to be part of the Vizion Network. Vizion is a network of repair centres that have been accredited by the British Standards Institute under the BS10125 standard. With over 200 fully certified repairers accredited with the coveted and universally recognised Kitemark.