Christmas for the Car enthusiast

Well, it’s pretty much that time of year now – mainly for the far more organised females out there, who are beginning to think about christmas gifts. Most of our male readers are squinting at the screen, of course, checking the date with a sort of incredulous look, thinking, “It’s like, a year and a half away mate, pipe down!”

Well, we’re catering for you a little early here, with a list of Christmas gifts; aimed at the car enthusiast in your life. Be it male or female, here’s some ideas that might come in handy when the time comes, (probably the 24th December for some of you).

A Key Finder.

Great for everyone, this particular gift. Most aren’t lucky enough to have three coded safes in their building, like we are, so a great many of you probably loose your car keys or house keys on a pretty regular basis. Some key finders even link to your smartphone nowadays, which is even more convenient! Unless of course you’ve lost your phone too. Then you should probably have yourself checked for short term memory loss, but that’s a different issue.

2. The She-wee.

Stay with us here… Yes it’s a bit crass, and yes it’s been done before on Top Gear (other motoring programs are available – some better), but this ridiculous invention can genuinely come in pretty handy. It’s not as simple for the lady in your life to unzip, whip it out and water the hard shoulder, so perhaps this might genuinely be helpful! We’re not saying it’s going to have the same effect as a dozen roses, or an engagement ring, or a nice pair of socks even, but one day; one day that gift will come in very handy indeed. On that day, you might just feel a little smug.

3. A personalised key ring.

Because sometimes we get in the car, and forget our own name.

4. Dash Cam.

You don’t need to go all out with these, plenty are good enough for sub £50. Most will also give you 1080p filming capabilities, so you’ll manage to pick up if the driver who bumped into you did so because they were picking their nose. They’re also fantastic for insurance purposes, from what we’ve hear from our contacts!

5. A Manufacturer Related tee shirt.

Sometimes you might have a friend, colleague or partner who’s so into their cars and motorsport, that they genuinely believe they are the next Ayrton Senna, at 47 years of age. If you’d like to encourage this sort of mindset and behaviour, then you might like to consider getting them a branded T-shirt, so that they can walk around pretending they’re the top racing driver they really should have been. If you wouldn’t like to encourage this behaviour, please steer clear.

6. Vehicle/Motoring related Artwork.

A bit more of a serious gift idea, here. We’re big supporters of artists and their skills, and whether you’ve got £20 or £2,000 to spend, motorsport prints, or original pieces are for sale everywhere. It makes a very meaningful gift, that they can display proudly on their wall. Make it something they’re passionate about, and they’ll be really for the effort. You could even commission something, which is often cheaper, and you can really personalise it for them!

7. Driving Experience Days.

Now, we know these can get expensive, but don’t despair. Yes you could pay for a Supercar experience day that may be well in excess of £150, but in our experience, some of the cheaper days such as a half days’ Drifting experience is just as much, if not more fun! (And cheaper). Your car enthusiast will definitely leave with a big adrenaline rush and a smile on their face. Or perhaps vomit; who knows.

8. Cars the Movie; Box-set.

Not all car enthusiasts are over 12 years old, so this may work for the young car lover in your life. The Cars movies are brilliant, with a lot of adult puns and humour laced into the script, so definitely fun for all. Also, not an expensive gift – but a box-set? Definitely looks like effort to us.

9. Karting Day.

This is probably the best idea on our list. Karting is not necessarily very expensive. Generally from £15 to £70, this is going to make any recipient smile, car enthusiast or not. A great day for both partners and friends, it gives you a tremendous amount of fun, combined with serious bragging rights, if you win. The only pit-falls are the oversized overalls, and the slightly smelly helmet; but after a while, you’ll barely notice.

10. Top Trumps.

On a real shoe-string budget? A couple of quid will get you a nice set of Top Trumps. Seriously though, do get something else to go with it.

And that’s it! Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the car enthusiast in your life. No excuses now! Get out there and get buying! Let us know what you think of our list, too. We’d like to hear your thoughts!

All the best, and a very early Merry Christmas.

– Chichester Cars ltd