Winter is coming…

With Winter, comes a lot of risks on the road. Last year we saw a lot of cosmetic damage, and insurance claims, purely because of negligence where others’ cars were concerned. A great deal of issues and dangers can be easily avoided, should you prepare for winter properly. Now, we’re aware it’s only just Autumn, but the sooner our customers are aware, the better, as far as we’re concerned. 

So, we’ve compiled a short list of items to check before hitting the roads. Or other cars, trees etc. 

Firstly, always make sure your coolant is topped up with the correct grade for your vehicle. It might sound a bit obvious, but making sure that your engine isn’t about to freeze is probably a good idea. 

Secondly, make sure your tyres are up to scratch! Ice is a pretty obvious way to install your car into a lamp post, and a lot of people tend to brake a lot, when they see ice, the effect of which is generally negated by the fact that you have very little or no tread left on your tyres. The best route is to think about winter tyres. Winter tyres are specifically tread to deal with ice, snow and frosty leaves. Definitely worth a consideration, we think.

Thirdly, check the battery. It’s possibly one of the most awful occurrences, running out of battery when you go to start your car, in freezing cold conditions. No one wants to be trying to unscrew the clamps to their car battery with shivering hands, do they?

Lastly, the fundamentals: Windscreen wipers and lights. The paramount issue with ‘snow’ however thinly it may come down, is that it obscures your vision. Having a headlight out, or dimming bulbs, as well as windscreen wipers that couldn’t clear a light breeze from your screen, is certainly going to cause you issues, and potentially a very bad experience on the roads. 

None of these checks will take you a particularly long time, so probably best not to risk it, wouldn’t you agree? 

Stay safe out there this winter, folks!