Become a pillar of your community…

It’s rare to be rewarded for an everyday act of kindness nowadays, with many taking what some would class as ‘common decency’ for granted. Ironically, common decency is becoming a rarer find in the world that we live in. However, common decency and kindness was on display in abundance last Saturday at Chichester Cars Ltd. 

Just a normal day in the office, a customer walked into reception, worried about some damage to her rear bumper on her Ford Fiesta. Wandering into reception, she very politely asked for help, just as a preliminary assessment of what it would take to repair it. Both of the front of house staff were with customers, and so one of our other staff members took a wander outside to have a look at it. 

Upon a quick glance, it was fairly easy to ascertain that it needed nothing more than popping back into place, via the clips that were still intact. Approximately ten to fifteen seconds later, the bumper was relocated back into its’ proper place, and looked completely normal once more. The customer was unbelievably grateful for such an honest assessment of the damage, and for repairing it so quickly. When she asked for the staff members’ name, she quickly became aware that he was actually one of the companies’ directors, and furthermore, when offered payment for the repair, he refused it, insisting that they did not need any financial compensation for a fifteen-second repair. 

In response to the above, the customer enquired as to whether she might be able to repay the act of kindness by photographing the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Orla, who often finds herself wandering the reception area. Anyone who’s visited us knows Orla, and so probably realise that she’s also the directors’ dog. Following that, she then asked to photograph the two Dobermans that reside in the building too. The director accepted the request, slightly confused by it all the same. 

Little did he realise that the customer was in fact a professional photographer, working predominantly for the Chichester Observer. The outcome, of course, was phenomenal; beautiful photos that will be cherished for a long time to come. 

It must be understood that this is not a boast, nor some sort of self-gratification blog. We’re proud of how we treat our customers, but this blog is about honesty, integrity and of course, the reward that comes for such actions. Because it’s not always about the money; sometimes being a pillar within your local community matters too. Anyway, enough reading, please enjoy these photos of our beautiful dogs.